Monday, March 10, 2008

This is a picture of Rosa Cusalito and Giuseppi Cafarella

These are my Grandfather, John Cafarella's parents.
Col. Joe Cafarella said that he came home on leave and found both his grandmother and his Uncle John in coffins in the family parlor. These are the parents of the seven Cafarella siblings.
My friend Maria Salvi has recently sent me some information concerning Giuseppi's father.
Obviously I do not have a photo, so I will place the info here. It seems that though some of the Cafarellas landed on Via Gelso in Malfa, the family previously came from Capofaro. This is only about four kilometers from Malfa, and is still a part of the commune. Therefore this is a rather fine distinction, but when you are looking for someone's house, it can make all the difference in the world. There is a Via Cafarella there in Capofaro, and the local church was Saint Anne.
Anyway, this info got me one step further in my quest for information. The entry is as follows: 1438870 Capo Salina: April 23, 1835 Gaetano Cafarella 40 Shoemaker and wife Giovanna Vasquez had a child and named him Domenico. Not really very much, but this confirms his wife's name, his profession and their first born child...Quite a jump forward.
Upon calling Jennie DeFina about this, she remembersed that in her childhood, relatives talked about U puntu Capo, referring to the town where the Cafarellas were from and that the church was St. Anne's.

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