Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jennie and Anerio (Philip) Cincotta

These are Grammie's parents. Other children were: John Cincotta, Jennie Vasquez, Carolina Cafarella and Jake Cincotta. Her hair was white by her late twenties, but she lived to just short of 105 years old. After settling her children here in Massachusetts they had their last child Jacob. theyreturned to the island with him where he spent a number of years before returning. They stayed in Salina til after Anerio's death. Her son John then went to Salina, spent about a year there and returned with his mother to Mass. She lived with him for a time. She lived with several relatives for a time till she entered a nursing home on Summer Street in Malden where she died just short of her 105th birthday. Pictures of her return trip with John follow.

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