Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walking Via Roma

Relatives on the march to the San Giuseppe Festa through the streets of Malfa...Or should that be street?Via Roma sort of snakes up through the town and part of the way it becomes Via Umberto. I did not know when this was taken, but just out of the picture to the right is where Catherine Marchetti Santospirito lives. The procession is for the San Giuseppe festa that ended at san Lorenzo at the top of the town.

In Ground burials

Many of the Bed like burials are unmarked and include some very old ones. The Cemetary is located right beside the Helicopter pad...the Ancestors must love that.


The Cincotta Crypt in the cemetery in Malfa.

Crypts 2

The Cafarella Crypt in the Cemetery in Malfa


A view of the cemetery in Malfa.

The tombs are niches closed on the front by a stone or(in the case of too much expense) plaster or concrete over brick.

Route Signs

The Volcano above Malfa to the west.
Mont Porri and the slope to the right that divides Malfa from Pollara. 2007

In the Church

San Giuseppe in the church of San Lorenzo

Toward the Altar

Inside San Lorenzo in Malfa, Salina 2007


San Lorenzo in Malfa at the top of the hill.

Monte Rivi and Monte Fossa Delle Felci

The mountains above Malfa to the east. The foreground is Monte Rivi the other rises behind it in the clouds.
In 2009 Mary Burrill and I climbed this from the other side(to the right) and descended very dangerously ot the left near Santa Marina.

Toward the sea and the village

This is the Church of San Lorenzo in Malfa...most of our relatives were baptized here and the records are here. The other church has been closed for some time. The entire church was under restoration in 2009. The town is pretty much to the left and below the church.