Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Here are the results of my DNA test.  Remember that my father's family was from the British Isles and my Mother's family was from the Aeolian Islands. Remember that if you are closely related to me, you may have virtually identical components or you may have only similar results or just variations in the percentages.  Your genetic history is your genetic history, but the way that chromosomes combine in each individual in a family may make for variations from sibling to sibling and cousin to cousin.

Europe 89% with concentrations in 35% Greece, Aeolian Islands and Calabria.  46% Great Britain
19% other regions.
The other regions include:
Africa 1%.  This means the area opposite the island of Sicily on the mainland of Africa.
7% Middle East.  This would include Palestine as we absolutely have Jewish in us. Lazzaro is an indicator name. That is 3% alone
1% Asia, which seems to be concentrated in India. Now there is a wild card!
2% Ireland Mitchell side.
1% Finland Mitchell side
1% eastern Europe which would include Poland and the other Slavic countries. Mitchell side.
1% Scandinavia.  Mitchell side.
2% Caucasus Could be either side but Cafarella seems probable.
Well, If you can figure that out, you are doing well.  As I explore this more, I will post more and revise this as it is a bit confusing. 

The report also places my family in Coastal Massachusetts...That is both sides as the Mitchells came in in the 1620s in the Cape Ann and Marblehead area,  and of course the Cafarellas came in in the 1890s.
It also places my Mitchell side mainly in the founding populations of the New York area and Long Island.

One strange thing is that our family includes the Vasquez name, which is VERY Spanish, yet the DNA says there are no matches in the Iberian Penninsula...Hmmmm.  Of course the Vasquez family may have come from elsewhere before Spain....that is a mystery!

Friday, May 5, 2017

A New Blog.

I am in the process of removing posts from this blog to a new one which will concentrate on general history of the islands, photographs of the period of island immigration, period maps, antique prints of the islands, etc.
These items which do not have specific connections to the families we are talking about will be found at:

Other family blogs appear at:

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Just a reminder to type in a search
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

about your comments.

Thank you so much for commenting on my blogs.  It really does help.  I am afraid that I just do not think to check on the blog comments very often, and if you do not get a response, it is just because I am absent minded!
 I continue to pick up images of the islands and whatever info I can glean from books and the internet.  The images are increasingly difficult for me to purchase, as I am on a fixed income.  However, I get all that I can afford in hopes that someday there will be a museum venue that I can donate them to.  If not on the Eolians(Aeolians) specifically, then at least to a general Italian immigrant museum.
 I would donate all to the museum in Malfa on Salina, but I am afraid that there would be a limited audience.  Again, I call to anyone who is interested to start a group related perhaps to the Filicudi Associates or a similar organization to celebrate the islands' contributions to immigration in the US. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Genealogy Link of Interest

please go to this link for an interesting article on eolian genealogy in the years following the pirate siege.