Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jenny and her unknown brothers.

There were a number of children born to my grandmother Cafarella that were virtually unknown to us for a number of years. Uncle Joe did not speak of them, nor did my mother or grandmother. I like to think, as the ancient Egyptians did, that if you speak someone's name, they live again. You will find the story of Jenny Cafarella elsewhere in the genealogy, so I will not go into detail here.
Recently I was doing some work on a house in Abington Ma. I had to let my generator run for a couple of hours at a time to pump out a basement.
What to do with the time....?
I drove up to the Massachusetts Archives next to the JFK library. I had tried to find her name before without much luck, but my faulty logic had placed her in a slightly different time period. This day, it took me about an hour, but there she was. So tragic a story can now start to take form.
Jenny Cafarella (Please say it aloud) was born on September 14th, 1911 on Pierce Street in Hyde Park Ma..
Some of John's records were found as well. He was born on 3-6-1917 at 314 Eastern Ave. in Malden. I assume that they made this move to get away from memories of Jennie's tragic death.
Gaetano was born on 12-15-1906 and died 1-11-1907, both at 74 Oakland Street in Malden.
The other siblings may never have been recorded, but I will continue to search and update the post.
Death records are being digitalized and are unavailable for a year and a half. I may be able to access them some other way in the future.

Roberto Cafarella, and Bartolomeo Cafarella are the brothers whose records are still to be found.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A series of beautiful photos of the island

Go to the following link for some beautiful photos of the island of Salina from all sides. It really gives you a good idea of the topography. Under view more photos at the lower right, the final photo will show you a great direct view of Malfa and Capo Faro at the left. This is especially good for memebers of my central family as that is the area where most of the immediate family is from.

You may have to type the entire address into the address bar at the top of your page, copy and paste into any of the search bars yeilds poor results at best.

You might try the search at the top of the page for pictures of the other islands. These are for sale as downloads or prints if you want a copy. I have no affiliation to this site, I just think it is beautiful.