Monday, March 10, 2008

The Six Brothers

Left to right and top to bottom are: Bert, Tony, Frank, Joseph, Tom (Gaetano) and John(my grandfather)
Gaetano(Tom) was the first to arrive from Salina by way of New York in 1898. He arrived in Malden about a year later. The rest of the brothers arrived in Malden within a few years. Giuseppe and Rosa, Their parents, arrived with Josephine in 1913.
The family home was 52/54 Sterling Street in Malden. Tom and his family lived upstairs. Bert, Tony, Josephine, their mother, Rosa, and their father Giuseppe lived downstairs. (Giuseppe died there in 1922) Some time in the 1930s, the four moved to Biltmore Street in Malden. Rosa, the mother died there in 1942. (Coincidentally, John died and the funeral wake was held there for both at the same time.)
Bert also died at home on Biltmore Street. Tony and Josephine lived to a ripe old age after moving to 38/40 Judson Street (when the house on Biltmore was torn down to make way for a stadium) into their nineties.
In 1923, Tom built a house at 54 Chester Street (just across the back yard of the family home on Sterling Street). Gaetano had six children: Rose, Mary, Joseph(the Colonel), Felix, Rudy and Elena. He owned a fruit and variety store at 278 Pleasant Street in Malden.
Frank and his brother, Joe, lived at 54/56 Judson Street in Malden. Joe was shot and killed there in 1923. Joe and his wife, Jennie had four daughters: Rosina, Jennie, Mary and Annie. Frank and his wife Jennie(Sangiolo) had one son, Dr. Joseph L. Cafarella.
My grandfather, John, Married Mary R. Cincotta, and had Joseph(the Marine), Philip, Lawrence, Rose, Mary(my mother), William, John and Jennie. There were several still born and children who died very young. He became a barber with a shop on Washington Street in Malden. As the years passed, his marriage to my grandmother did not go well and he tended to live with his siblings till his death in 1942.

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