Wednesday, March 15, 2017

about your comments.

Thank you so much for commenting on my blogs.  It really does help.  I am afraid that I just do not think to check on the blog comments very often, and if you do not get a response, it is just because I am absent minded!
 I continue to pick up images of the islands and whatever info I can glean from books and the internet.  The images are increasingly difficult for me to purchase, as I am on a fixed income.  However, I get all that I can afford in hopes that someday there will be a museum venue that I can donate them to.  If not on the Eolians(Aeolians) specifically, then at least to a general Italian immigrant museum.
 I would donate all to the museum in Malfa on Salina, but I am afraid that there would be a limited audience.  Again, I call to anyone who is interested to start a group related perhaps to the Filicudi Associates or a similar organization to celebrate the islands' contributions to immigration in the US.