Saturday, March 8, 2008

William Cafarella

Uncle Bill was a great guy. He was friendly and patient. He went to an agricultural college. He married Christine Mitchell(no relation that we are aware of) from Patton, Maine. Lived many years in Santa Rosa, California where he had his two children: Billy and Kathy, and returned to Houlton years later. They divorced, and he remarried to one of my mother's good friends(Nadine) and moved to Amity, Maine.
He had Epilepsy, probably as a result of a crash during his time in the military, which limited him for the rest of his life. He was a gunner flying patrols over the coast of the US, probably patrolling for submarine traffic as they carried a torpedo. They crashed in a Douglas A24 Dive Bomber or a Grumman Avenger off the coast of Georgia. He had many burdens in his life, yet he was still one of my favorites.

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