Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lawrence Cafarella

Uncle Laurie was called by his oldest daughter, the black sheep of the family. I always loved his infrequent visits along with Aunt Millie(Mildred Stevens). He had a temper and a temperament, but produced some great kids. He lost part of his ear when he stopped short in a truck, sending a pipe, loaded on the back, through the rear window of the cab, severing part of the ear...He made it into the Globe because of the bizarre nature of the accident. Ater a short time living in Littleton Maine, he lived much of the rest of his life in North Hampton New Hampshire till his retirement. He retired to Florida. Aunt Millie got Alzheimers and spent the remainder of her life in the care of her son John. Their children were Mildred, Linda, John and Alice.

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