Thursday, November 15, 2018

Obituary Anerio Cincotta

Anerio Frederick Cincotta

February 21, 1933 - November 09, 2018
North Andover and formerly of Malden and Melrose - Anerio "Fred" Cincotta, 85, a longtime resident of North Andover and previously from Malden and Melrose, passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones on Friday, November 09, 2018.

Born in Revere, to the late Jacob and Rose (Cafarella) Cincotta, Fred was raised and educated in Malden, Massachusetts. He was a graduate of Malden High School and Bentley University. As a member of the United States Air Force he proudly served his country and was awarded the National Defense Service Medal.
He retired from Raytheon, Andover, and previously owned and operated Mr. Anerio's Hair Salon in Malden. He enjoyed photography, woodcarving, playing the accordion, poetry and story writing, and spending time over the years with his many beloved dogs.

Fred was predeceased by his loving wife, Margaret (Eagan) Cincotta to whom he was married for 35 years.

He is survived by his devoted wife, Florence (Smith) Cincotta; his two loving daughters, Margaret Cincotta and spouse Laura of Athol and Catherine Cincotta of Billerica; stepdaughters, Laura Sullivan (Robert), Lisa Robinson (Frank), Linda McInnis (James); and predeceased by step-son Lawrence J. Smith. Anerio cherished the time spent with his grandchildren, Alex, Joel, Jillian and husband Austin, Francis, Alexandria, Courtney, James, Nicholas, Kaitlyn, and Linda.

He also leaves his loving sister Jennie DeFina of Waltham with whom he shared a very special bond and friendship; and many nieces, nephews, family, and friends.

The family would like to express their deepest gratitude to the staff at Baldwinville Nursing Center for the kindness and care extended to Anerio and the family.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Jewish? So, that is why people think I am Jewish!

Just a note about the Vasquez family. 
I have known for years about the Vasquez connections in our family.  Also, about the branch that included Onofrio Vasquez and Jennie Cincotta Vasquez.  But I have not been able to find the connection between the two families.  This was one of my prime concerns when I took the family tree to Malfa.  I met Vasquez cousins there, but they seemed unable to make a connection either.  If anyone has a clue about how they are connected or about other Vasquez cousins I would certainly appreciate hearing about it.
On another note, Patrick van der Hoeven has been telling me that local groups in Australia have informed him that the Vasquez family has Sephardic Jewish roots.  Seems logical to me.  During the repopulation of the islands, many Spanish came to the islands along with the Spanish rulers. Whether the Vasquez family is simply a part of a general Spanish influx or were Jews escaping persecution, I cannot be sure.  If someday we were to find records of their arrival, that may shed some light.
That being said, there are Jewish connections in the family even if we do not include the Vasquez family.  Lazzaro is another name in the early family that has Jewish roots.
The Jews in Spain were allowed to exist happily alongside the rest of the population for many years after most of Spain was taken by the Muslim Moors.  When the Christians started taking back the country, most were allowed to stay.  Then as the Christians became the masters of the whole peninsula, Jews were allowed to stay only if they converted to Christianity.  Most did this freely. while secretly remaining Jewish.  When Ferdinand and Isabella finally took Granada at about the same time as Columbus arrived in America...the last Moorish holdout, the Jews were expelled completely and those who had converted and secretly remained Jewish would be burned by the inquisition if they did not prove total conversion.  Finally almost all were expelled, converted or not.
I like to think that the islanders were and are a pretty liberal lot, and accepted their Jewish immigrants pretty readily.  In fact they were probably more offended by the Spanish than the Jews.
This is of course very much up in the air.  No need to immediately adopt the beautiful Jewish traditions immediately.  All the families involved in our tree have been Catholic for a long time.  There are interesting devotions in our family.  There are particular devotions to Santa Anna, San Biagio, San Bartolomeo, Santa Marina and the more universal devotion to Santa Maria.

Jake Cincotta's Passport Application

When the Cincotta family of my grandmother moved to this country, most of their children had been born.  Soon enough, they had a child in Malden ma. that they named Jacob.  They decided to return to Malfa with Jacob and the rest of the family stayed here.  Jake was raised on the island and when he decided to return here, this was his passport application.
Thanks Patrick van der Hoeven for this image.
Click to enlarge the image.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

My cousin is once removed!

So many asked me to explain how the cousin relationship works.  well here it is as best I can explain it.  I hope this helps you all.
I warn you that typing these and having them show up on the page correctly without breaking up and appearing all over the page is tough, so this may be a little strange looking.  I will hand write and photograph them later and replace this post.
sibling                               sibling
    first cousin                              first cousin 
      second cousin                                     second cousin 
    third cousin                                        third cousin

Patrick van der Hoeven in Australia shared this note with me:
I saw your post about the first, second, and other cousins.  Here is another way to look at it.  Look at the number of g's in your shared ancestor at the same level. Count them. That is the level of cousin that you are.  eg grandfather = first cousin; great grandfather = second cousin; great great great great grandmother = 5th cousin.
sibling                                 sibling
first cousin                              first cousin
 first cousin 1                                                   
first cousin 2                                                 
first cousin 3                                              

1 above is once removed
2 above is twice removed
3 above is thrice removed
sibling                                          sibling
First cousin                                            first cousin
second cousin                                        second cousin
                                                       second cousin once removed*
* also first cousin twice removed from the cousin above left

Additional Generations

Thank you Patrick Van der Hoeven for a few more details.  Here are a couple of updates, a few  members that predate Giovanna Vasquez and Gaetano Cafarella.

Giovanna's parents are:  Giuseppe Vasquez 1781- 1845 and Rosa Giuttari 1790 - 1845

Gaetano Cafarella's Parents were: Antonino Cafarella 1775 -  and Maria Giuseppa Randazzo 1780 -

Moving down a generation, we find Rosa Cusolito  Cafarella who was married to Giuseppe Cafarella , son of Giovanna Vasquez  and Gaetano Cafarella.  

Her father was Bartolo Cusolito . 1808-1890

Her mother was Giuseppa Cammarda .  Giuseppa's father was Bartolo Cammarda.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Anerio Cincotta on death.

Anerio has been diagnosed with septicemia.  This is not likely to be beaten and he plans only a few weeks to live at this writing.  He is, as always, good humored about it.  Always prone to a joke on any subject, being one of the nicest guys I know, he said: " You come into this world wearing nothing, and you go out wearing a nice suit!".  He is looking forward to seeing all the family that he has missed for so long.

Anerio died on Friday November 9th 2018.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

From Cafarella to Van der Hoeven

Grammie's...(Maria Rosa Cincotta Cafarella) Mother had a brother Domenico.  He was also our grandfather, John Cafarella's(the barber) uncle.(Confused already?)
Domenico married Rose Patane.  They had at least seven children.
Jenny is the woman who married Joseph Cafarella and this is Rose and Jake's family.  Joseph was the one murdered in his store.
Antonio is the man who married Grammie's sister Carolina and had their children in Livorno.
The other child that I now know about is Salvatore, not to be confused with Carolina's son of the same name. 
Salvatore, married to Sebastianna Greco, had a child named Rosa.  She grew up in Stazzo, a village near Acireale in Sicily. 
Rosa married  Rosario Fichera.
Rosa's daughter Lucia has fed me all the information on this branch of the family through her husband Patrick Van der Hoeven.  Lucia is the daughter of  Rosa and Rosario pictured here.

Rosa and Rosario Fichera
Rosa in the middle with her sister on the right.
  Rosa in Stazzo just after the war.

Rosa and Rosario had a daughter named Lucia who married Patrick Van Der Hoeven and presently live in Australia.