Monday, March 3, 2008

Draft family tree

I am afraid that this gets a little fuzzy..My cousin John Cafarella is doing the graphics and in converting to this site the quality suffers. This is a preliminary document and will be replaced as updates are made..There are dozens of changes to be done at present including the addition of branch family lines including the Perris, Res, Sangiolos, Lazzaros, Benenatis, Marchettis, etc...just be patient and keep checking or contact me through the address on the profile at the beginning and I will tell you what I can about the rest. For the moment, you can find additional info on the Post about the Cincotta family tree. The Cafarella side is too complicated to describe here in that format. One thing that really should appear here is the Name at the top on the left with question marks...that is Giovanna Vasquez. Also Joan Lazar-Lewis-Vasquez had a child named Onofrio in addition to Antoinette(Lower right) Going farther back from Maria Rosa Benenati and Giovanni Cincotta Giovanni's parents were Nunziata Megna and Anerio Cincotta. Anerio's parents were Geltruda Lazzaro and Giovanni Cincotta. Giovanni's Parents were Giuseppi Cincotta and Giovanna Megna. His father was Giovanni Cincotta and her father was Giovanni Megna. This puts us at approximatey 1710 -1715.

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