Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disegni di Navi a Vela

I am just waiting in terror for some expert to go on the site, then tell me how inaccurate the ship drawings are.  There are a few factors against me. 
1.  All the ships that our grandparents used in the end of the 19th century are gone as far as I know. 
2.  Marcello Saija has put wonderful pictures in "Mercanti di Mare",  but they are usually showing the ships at painfully unrevealing angles.
3.  Many of the ships have regional differences, and names that are impossible to find on line or in books on the subject.  For instance, I have found plentiful references to Paranza, with many different regional configurations, none from the islands. There are all kinds of references to Paranzello, which I really want to see, but few can show them at a good angle, and most only give a description or are the name of some fish restaurant in Italy.
4.  Almost no picture or photo has a decent picture of people in them.  It is difficult to get a sense of scale.

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