Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Ships Paranza

This is a drawing of a Paranzello
similar to the
The figure may be a bit large. 
 Trying to find another image of Paranzello,
 as there are different versions for fishing and transport.

I Have to honest with you.  I admit that I do not really have a clue when it comes to sailing boats or ships.  I have been aboard a number of them, like Old Ironsides, and I have been on Feluccas in the Nile river.  But when I look at three different pictures of a boat, it has the same sail arrangement and they all have different names, I am stumped.  Of course you have to take into account the hull shape, the rigging and the angle of the masts etc.. But when I am looking at a series of nineteenth century engravings, I get pretty lost.  A Bilancella for instance can be 9-12 meters long, or as long as 20 meters when used for cargo.  This and other drawings I will post are the best approximation I can come up with.  They will just give you an idea.

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