Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let me explain...

The blog format is a little difficult to follow.  It makes for an easy and cheap way for me to do this work, but everything is sort of in reverse.  The first posts are at the very end.  As I add new posts the originals get farther back.  In some cases, that is a blessing, because you sometimes make less informed statements at the beginning, and the newer ones give you an opportunity to add or modify your position.
At the same time, these errors remain out there.  I now need to consider a major overhaul of the site.  I need to go back and review and rewrite the entire blog if things are to be up to date and as accurate as my simple understanding can make it. 
Meanwhile, you must find subjects that interest you.

Start by doing searches in the search box at the top of the page on the left.

When you have exhausted that avenue, you may try just going from page to page to look at the posts as I have put them in.   I have tried to touch on many subjects of interest that are related to the story of the islands.
If that is failing you, try starting at the other end by simply going to the bottom of each page and clicking on   OLDER POSTS...till you get to the end or to subjects that interest you.

If that too fails your patience, please contact me by email, and if you are a responsible type, I will give you access to the list of posts.  Since this gives you editing rights, I am very careful about the people who have this access, but it is an easy way to navigate.

My email is in the profile(which also needs an update). 
Meanwhile, happy hunting.

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