Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grammie's house on Salina.

My sister Mary, my cousin Mildred and I went to Salina this Spring and found this house on the corner of Via Gelso and Via Fratelli Mirabito. It seems that thi is the house that Aunt Carolina and Uncle Tony owned for many years, and passed on to their children. One end(the left in the front pictures) was kept in good order for their use up till the last few years and the right was allowed to decay. The right side has a date of 1850 over the arch of the undercroft. It seems to have been built by Grammie's father Anerio or his father. His wife Giovanna Cafarella Cincotta lived in some part of the house till she returned to America . It is now owned by a young couple who reside in Rome. They are archeologists working on the mainland who specialize in the maintenance of Roman antiquities after excavation. They are committed to retuning the house to it's original condition. They were very cordial to us and gave us a complete tour of the house. We were immensely pleased with them and were happy that they have the house.

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